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Chocolate Flight Tasting

45 Minutes

$25 per person

Minimum 4 PEOPLE Max:15

*Talk~Taste 10 Minutes --$5.00 -- (Minimum 2 PEOPLE)

Enjoy a mini personalized talk covering the history of Anette's Chocolates combined with
a brief overview of the Cocoa ...

Price: $0.00

  Two Fantastic Brittles packed in one ! ~  Beer Brittle made with Spanish peanuts and Ale, Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla Brittle with Pumpkins seeds.

Bow changes with the season-- Spring, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas... Summer. 




Price: $28.95 16 oz combined

Three amazing BRITTLES in one gift set with a large festive bow. Chardonnay Wine, Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla, Micro Brew Beer Brittle.  Bow changes with the Season.   Ribbon may vary from what is pictured. 

Price: $37.95 24 oz Combined

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