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Anette's Chocolates ~ Club6 ~ Send a gift 6 times a year to your favorite someone. Shipping is included for most states. Click on Picture for more details.

Anette's Chocolates is offering the best of both worlds...... Wonderful truffles, sauces and Brittles shipped to the door 6 times per year.  You order once, and Anette's Chocolates handles the rest.  Pick one recipient and Anette's will ship in February for Valentine's, March/April for Easter, June/July, Sept/August, late October, and December.    The pictures to your left are just a sampling of what your recipient may receive.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Each gift will vary: one month may be brittle, the next a combination, the next a sauce... . The value of each month's gift will average $20-30.00. 

Shipping is included for Recipient addresses in the continental United States. Due to higher shipping costs in Hawaii and Alaska $60.00 extra will be applied to orders shipped to these states.  We will email you for this additional charge. 

Anette's will attach a note to each month's shipment with the following greeting: Thinking of you again! from____________.  (person placing order)

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