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**Tastings- Chocolate Flight and mini Tastes ~ Click on image for information ~ Call directly to arrange a time..



10 minutes

$5  per person

Minimum 2 PEOPLE    Max:20

Chocolate Flight Tasting 

45 Minutes

$25 per person

Minimum 4 PEOPLE    Max:15

*Talk~Taste       10 Minutes    --$5.00 --  (Minimum 2 PEOPLE)       

 Enjoy a mini personalized talk covering the history of Anette's Chocolates combined with
          a brief overview of the Cocoa Bean's origin ~ all while enjoying one
          of their award winning Truffles, Artisan Beer Brittles and a taste
          of their Chocolate Wine Sauce.

  • *Chocolate Flight Tasting   45  Minutes  --$25ea - Single Origin and Traditional Chocolates     (Minimum 4 PEOPLE)


  • Experience a brief overview of chocolate making from Cocoa Pod to nibs, from farm to plate. 
    You will be presented with a personalized talk covering Anette's Chocolates, Master Chocolatier -Brent Madsen, their Candy Kitchen history and the Cocoa Bean's origin.

    Enjoy a flight of 8 chocolates from around the world.
            Tastes along the way will include: Nibs, 56%, 72%, a Winter Cabernet Truffle, Traditional and
            Regional Chocolates.  Group discussion will follow each taste. 
    Guests will also taste Anette's Chocolate Wine Sauce over their Artisan homemade ice cream and a 'Bite' of their award winning Beer Brittles.



         1. The Flight Tasting is conducted at a standing counter. Please inquire if a chair is required.      

    2. You may be sharing your experience with other guests.
    3. Inform us if there are any food allergies. Trace amounts of Gluten, any nut
    or peanut may be present due to shared equipment.
          4. Tasting is located at our 1321 First St. Chocolate Gallery (Shop)
          No pets allowed.

    Call to make a reservation: Date, Time and Number of guests


             Flight Tastings are available at particular times per day/per week.
            Preferred tasting times are: 11:30am or 12:30pm  (M-Saturday)

    Talk~Tastes are available more frequently.

            If you have a specific date and time requirement, please inquire.


             For more information and to arrange a Tasting call between 10-5pm M-F 

    (707) 252-4228 ex 1 * Ask for Retail Tastings & Scheduling 

                          To cancel a participant or group call 48 hours in advance for a refund.                
    Tasting Location: 1321 First St.   Napa


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