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   Brent- Master Chocolatier making a special Seasonal Brittle

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All the decadent chocolates you will need to fill your Easter Basket!

Petite 2oz Dark Chocolate Bunny, Yellow Marshmallow Sunny Bunnies, Large Dark Chocolate Pecan Rocky Road Egg, Bordeaux-Butterscotch Egg and Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Twins. Brass Bunny in the background ...

Price: $43.75 19 oz combined

The Best Rocky Road EVER! Very large ~ 6 inches across ! Choose between THREE different Shells: Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate -- both with Pecans, or WHITE Chocolate with Cashews.

Each milk chocolate egg is wrapped in a variety of bright Spring colors. Our dark & white chocolate ...

Dark , Milk or White:
Price: $15.95 Net Wt. 8oz ea

Choose from Anette's creamy smooth petite 4.5oz Butterscotch/Bordeaux Cream or Silky Smooth Chocolate Fudge Egg with Pecans. Each egg is hand molded and measures approximately 3 inches across.

The Large Egg with flower on top is not available.

Ribbon Colors and candy decoration may vary from ...

Select an Egg:
Price: $7.95 Net Wt. 4.5 oz

Solid 6oz Bunnies.  Flower varies on Bunnies.

Choose 38% Milk or our 60% Dark Chocolate Bunny.   ....Perfect for the Easter basket, a gift or table setting.   Packed in clear Cello.   May or may not have a ribbon.



Milk or Dark:
Price: $9.95 6oz

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