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Say "Happy Valentine's Day" ! with an Anette's 17oz Paisley Heart Box filled with Anette's most popular Ensemble mix: Truffles, Wine Chocolates, Nuts, Saleted Caramels, ...

Price: $72.00 17oz

The perfect smaller size! ... packed with Anette's popular Mixed Ensemble: Truffles, , Wine Chocolates, Nuts, Caramels, Chews and delicate Creams.


Price: $38.95 8 oz

The perfect petite size !  

 ... filled with a Indonesian Vanilla Cream, Dark Winter Cabernet Truffles, Milk Salted Caramel,  Raspberry Truffle 


Price: $14.95 3 oz

Anette's Seasonal 9pc Box is filled with assorted Artisan Truffles, Chews, Nuts & Creams.         



Price: $18.95 4.5 oz

 Hand cut Indonesian Whipped Marshmallow formed into 4 inch hearts and enrobed in Milk or Dark Chocolate.    You will receive one Dark and one Milk heart.

2.5 oz each 


Price: $13.00 5 oz per 2 hearts

Anette's whipped Indonesian Vanilla Marshmallows are folded in with large pecans and rich chocolates to form the most decadent 7" Rocky Road heart ever ! Choose between dark 60% chocolate or 38% milk chocolate shell. A hint of natural pink is folded into our marshmallow for a splash of holiday ...

Price: $17.95 Net Wt. 8.5oz

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