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Anette's Brittle will tantalize the senses and expand your horizons!   Anette's has won awards on their Brittles every year since 2004 !

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  Two Fantastic Brittles packed in one ! ~  Beer Brittle made with Spanish peanuts and Ale, Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla Brittle with Pumpkins seeds.

Bow changes with the season-- Spring, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas... Summer. 




Price: $28.95 16 oz combined

Choose a wonderful combination of Brittle Bag and Bar! Two Tastes in one Gift.

Price: $16.95 9oz combined

Beer Brittle?  Yes, it's possibly the best brittle you will ever have tried.    This dark Roast brittle is made with Spanish peanuts, Amber Ale and a hint of Salt.  The texture is crisp and fresh, leaving a nutty, buttery and hopsy background to cherish.

Price: $11.95 Net Wt. 8oz

Of the many exquisite brittle Anette's has created, the Chardonnay is the lightest in color and texture.  The Vanilla overtones pair beautifully with the the Spanish Peanuts and pure dairy butter.  

Price: $12.95 Net Wt. 8oz

Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla Brittle ..... Simply Amazing !   A hint of spice and lime, organic tortilla chips, roasted pumpkin seeds and a splash of tequila.   

Price: $11.95 Net Wt. 8 oz

Three amazing BRITTLES in one gift set with a large festive bow. Chardonnay Wine, Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla, Micro Brew Beer Brittle.  Bow changes with the Season.   Ribbon may vary from what is pictured. 

Price: $37.95 24 oz Combined

Pistachios, Pecan, Almonds and a dash of Kentucky Bourbon are the basis of this fabulous brittle. The Bourbon adds the perfect accent and leaves you wanting more.

First Place Winner for outstanding product in the National Association of Specialty Foods awards competition!

Price: $11.95 Net Wt. 6oz

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